The VoiceOver Insider Podcast Episode #6: Bev Standing and Working The Online Casting Sites


Julie Williams spends time with Bev Standing, one of the most frequently booked talents on, and gets the low-down on how Bev used the online casting services to build her successful voiceover career.        

Mouth Noise: A Report From The Trenches


By Brice Weatherill “What’s all this?” asked my wife, eyeing the collection of shopping bags suspiciously. “You know how I’ve been saying that I was getting a lot of mouth noise when I’m narrating my audiobooks?” “Yeah…?” “Well, what I’ve got here is going to solve that problem!” “Wow, it looks like a lot of […]

1st Annual Voice Arts Awards November 9th in NYC


The movie industry has the Oscars®; TV has the Emmys® and the music industry has their Grammy® awards–but the voiceover collective of actors had no such recognition. Recently SOVAS, The Society of Voice Arts and Sciences, stepped up to fill the voiceover recognition void with the Voice Arts™ Awards. On November 9th, the voiceover industry […]

Voice Over Is LIke Online Dating

September Day Carter Headshot

By September Day Carter In most industries, there’s a position to be filled, a job summary is released, resumes are submitted, interviews happen, the position is filled with a few years stability. Unless you joined Merrill Lynch in 2006. Then, you were screwed. But, hey, do you have a nice voice? Great! Read on. In […]

Animation, Part 2

By Stacey Turner Click here to read Part 1 of Animation GETTING ON THE RADAR Once a voice actor has stocked their proverbial toolbox with skills and recorded a strong animation demo, how can a newcomer get on a casting director’s radar? “I think agents are a great way to do it because we rely […]

Faffcon 7: Another Successful VO UNconference

Derek Chappell_7 - thumbnail

By Derek Chappell Is my Faffterglow still showing? A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending the annual voiceover Unconference, Faffcon 7, at the beautiful Westward Look Wyndham Resort and Spa, in Tucson, Arizona. It was my first return to Faffcon since Faff 2 in Atlanta in 2011, and needless to say, […]

Animation, Part 1

Ben Hoppe

By Stacey Turner If you’ve dreamed of voicing characters for an animated TV series, or imagined crying out in pain as your video game character is felled by a hail of bullets, here’s some advice: before you schlep your family, pet ferret and collection of Stars Wars action figures across the country, read what four […]

ADR: Creating Emotional Realism in the Soundtrack—Part 2

by Christopher M. Allport (click here for Part 1 of ADR—Creating Emotional Realism in the Soundtrack) There are two main modes of ADR: 1) principal dialogue replacement cues [voice replacement]; and 2) general group walla cues [which may include pass-bys, call-outs and vocal texture]. As the soundtrack carries the story’s emotion, the actors selected to […]

ADR: Creating Emotional Realism in the Soundtrack—Part 1

by Christopher M. Allport The sound of the human voice is capable of evoking more emotion and feeling than any other sense. Automated Dialogue Replacement, otherwise known as ADR or “looping,” is a vital post-production soundtrack technique that provides a massive sense of emotional realism for television and film audiences. For some directors, ADR is […]