Win a Kaotica Eyeball!

The Kaotica Eyeball is designed to turn any space into a recording space, by acoustically isolating  the area immediately around your microphone from your external environment. And now you can win a Kaotica Eyeball just by showing us why you need it! (That’s a $200 prize!) We’re looking for the whackiest mobile setup, and the […]

1st Annual Voice Arts Awards November 9th in NYC

The movie industry has the Oscars®; TV has the Emmys® and the music industry has their Grammy® awards–but the voiceover collective of actors had no such recognition. Recently SOVAS, The Society of Voice Arts and Sciences, stepped up to fill the voiceover recognition void with the Voice Arts™ Awards. On November 9th, the voiceover industry […]

Julie Visits Niagara Falls and Buffalo VO Meetup Group

Julie visits Niagara Falls on her way to the Buffalo Voiceover Meetup Buffalo_VO-Meetup:Julie Williams (front and center) attends a VO Meetup in Buffalo, NY. Also attending is the Studio Master Dan Lenard (far left, middle row).           Image Gallery from Julie’s Buffalo Workshop trip:

The Deyan Institute Raises The Bar in Audiobook Training

“Today, anyone with a microphone can get into this type of work. And with the barrier to entry being so low, these people have a burden on themselves to study their craft, hone their skills, and compete in this new marketplace,” says Debra Deyan, owner of Deyan Audio. A couple of months ago the Deyan […]

Marc Cashman and Julie Williams: The Dynamic Duo

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Remembering Vanessa Hart

The industry lost a wonderful talent and beautiful soul on February 11th. That’s when 54-year-old Vanessa Hart passed away unexpectedly after a short illness. The woman with, bar none, the very best female voice I’ve ever heard, narrated more than 100 audiobooks. In fact, her work was honored with various nominations and awards, including the […]