Make More Green In 2014 Webinar Series

The group has introduced a series of four webinars to kick off the 2014 season. Titled Make More Green In 2014, the webinar series features presenters julie_wchosen specifically to help voice talents launch or improve their voice-over careers during the coming year.

“We’ve designed this set of webinars to do three things,” said Julie Williams. “The presenters will teach voice talents to (1) improve their performances, (2) equip them to be one of the VO talents who make good money on the pay-to-play casting sites, and (3) guide them in the planning process to maintain their focus and accelerate their progress in 2014.

Kicking off the webinar series on January 7th is Secrets to make More Green On Pay2Play Sites, with Gabrielle Nistico and J. Michael Collins. These two presenters are both recognized experts on using the online j-michael_collinscasting sites such as and, and both of them book frequently on the best-known pay-to-play casting sites. Plus, those who register for the webinar will receive a discount code for $50 off new or renewing memberships for Voice123, and new memberships for

On Wednesday, January 22nd, Los Angeles Casting Director Mary Lynn Wissner will teach voice talents How to Make More Green With Five Techniques Casting Directors Mary_Lynn_WissnerLook For—so you can be sure to utilize them in your auditions.  “These are techniques that big league talents routinely use, says Wissner, “but are simple enough even for beginners to take advantage of.”

Pat Fraley returns to the lineup on Tuesday, January 28th, with “Meet You at the Corner of Marketing and Skills.” Pat will share his unique approach which has guided him into a 40-year successful career in voice over.  Learn the Four Pillars of Business, how to effectively work Public Relations, and define your Brand. This webinar will include a comprehensive workbook written by Pat.

Wrapping up the webinar series on Tuesday, February 4th, Julie Williams will present  pat_fraleyLearn to Make More Green by Planning For Success in 2014. “I’ll cover strategies to plan for success and achieve it this year,” said Julie. “Specific goals and plans will be discussed, and a FREE strategic planning  workbook will be provided to guide you in your personal concrete (but also fluid) career plan for the upcoming year.”

Each individual webinar is $47, but if you purchase the entire Make More Green In 2014 series, you’ll receive a $20 discount. And don’t worry about not being able to attend on a specific date. All webinar registrants receive both audio/video and audio-only .mp3 recordings of the webinars several days after each webinar.

There’s lots more information about the webinar series on the web site. Kick off 2014 with techniques, how-to information, and lots of fun in the Make More Green in 2014 webinar series!

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