1st Annual Voice Arts Awards November 9th in NYC

voice-arts-awardThe movie industry has the Oscars®; TV has the Emmys® and the music industry has their Grammy® awards–but the voiceover collective of actors had no such recognition. Recently SOVAS, The Society of Voice Arts and Sciences, stepped up to fill the voiceover recognition void with the Voice Arts™ Awards.

On November 9th, the voiceover industry will gather in New York City for the 1st Annual Voice Arts™ Awards Gala at the Museum of the Moving Image. Luminaries such as James Earl Jones will be receiving the Icon Award.

Other nominees include Kate Winslet, Katy Perry, Lisa Loeb, Sharon Martin from Snapped and Janis Ian, to name a few.

 There are dozens of nominees for awards in a variety of voicing categories. You can see all of the nominees listed at the VoiceArts Awards 2014 Nominees page: http://sovas.org/2014-nominees/


  1. I’ve seen several comments lately, back and forth among the organizers and committee members of that event, congratulating or “ConFlatulating” each other on their awards and accomplishments resulting from the ceremony.

    For this type of thing to have credibility in the future, it needs to be judged by impartial but qualified individuals in a committee that is excluded from participating either directly or indirectly in the competition.

    They also need to incorporate a method of participating like the National Assoc. of Television Arts and Sciences or the Television Academy (I don’t remember which.), where there is an annual membership fee, however members can enter multiple categories at no charge to compete.

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