Food For Thought: Take A Break!

When was the last time you went to a movie in the middle of a work week, in the middle of the day, for no other reason than you simply wanted to? Wow! THAT long ago?

Now, if you work for someone else, doing something like this could cause you some problems. But it you are self-employed (as most of us are), it might be something to consider. Yesterday (a Thursday) at 11:55 a.m. I forwarded our phones to the answering service and Jim and I left the VoiceActing Academy and went to the movies. We saw Sherlock Holmes, Game of Shadows. Now, I’d seen it the week before with my hubby, but being the great fan of both Sherlock Holmes and Robert Downey, Jr. that I am, I was all for seeing it again. We bought popcorn and drinks and even a package of candy, and settled back in our seats to enjoy pure entertainment for the next two hours. It was wonderful.

Did we have work to do back at the office? Of course! VOICE 2012 is only five months away! Did we feel guilty about sneaking away to enjoy a few hours of entertainment in the middle of the day? Not one little bit!

As entrepreneurs, we can often fall into the trap of feeling obligated to work on our business 24/7/365. I know that very often I’ll work all day here at the studio, and then most of the evening I’ll work on my laptop while I’m watching TV with my husband (which he hates, I might add). But there’s just SO much work to do!!

If you find yourself in that same boat, here’s a suggestion for you that works for me: Take a couple of hours off. In order to make it guilt-free, choose a day when there’s not a lot going one. You won’t be able to relax if you know you’re ignoring a deadline. Pick something you’d really like to do for just a couple of hours. Put the answering machine on and DO IT! It could be a movie, a manicure, a massage, playing with your kids in the park, reading a good book, hitting a bucket of golf balls, or going for a long walk. Just make it something you will really enjoy. Put it on your calendar and plan a day for it. Give yourself permission to do this “guilt-free.”

You’ll find that when you return to work from whatever you’ve decided to do, you will feel refreshed, re-charged and in a much better frame of mind. I find that my creative brain really enjoys this and works much better for me after the short break. I promise you that your business will not dissolve if you are away from it for just a couple of hours. Give it a try, my friends, and see how it works for you.

Today I am very grateful we went to see Sherlock Holmes. Not only did I get to experience a movie I really like with a good friend, but the popcorn was really yummy!

About Penny Abshire

Penny Abshire is a voice artist, coach, writer and producer at VoiceActing, LLC in San Diego, California. She is also the co-executive producer of the world’s largest voiceover convention: VOICE, and is the founder of Positive Thinkers UNITE. Contact her at her e-mail or web site below.

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