Commercial Casserole with VO Chef Deb Munro

munro2Mix one part industry trends
Throw in the ever popular natural read
Add just the right amount of professional
Blend in with tons of different genres
Combine the perfect demo with tons of varieties
Then mix that all up until you’re nice and confused about what the clients really want.

Welcome to the commercial casserole!

One of the most challenging aspects of the commercial world is pleasing several cooks in the kitchen at once.  You will have the advertising agency, the client, the writer and sometimes a separate director all deciding what they want, and these decisions usually never match.  This can be a daunting industry and many talent will avoid it all together.  However you will find it hard to land an agent without commercial experience or a professionally produced demo, unless you live in a major market.  Even if you don’t want to enter the world of commercials, we all need the agent and commercials is a way into their roster.  They will then accept your other demos, but commercial and animation is the work they see most, so it’s like a foot in the door.

Much like other industries there is much to know about mastering the commercial market.  Staying current with the trends is the most important.  The commercial industry changes each year and not only do you need to be ready for the trends, your demo needs to reflect what is current.  They all want natural, but natural isn’t exactly what you might think, so perhaps the reason you’re not booking, is you’re not current with the trends.

Today’s trends are a mix of yesteryear broadcaster where emphasizing certain words and phrasing is key, and today’s current actor, where you mean what you say with feeling, but knowing when to push and when to feel is a lot more difficult than one might think.  I’ve recently taken several casting agent workshops (yes, even I train, because I believe in it for my growth) and I’ve learned tons of what is going on in the industry.  I believe that clients are seeing economy declines, so tehy will blame the advertising and change their minds on what the current trends are. So they’re mixing it up.  We’re also seeing tons of females sweeping up the air waves – and it’s about time.  Are you ready for the commercial field, or perhaps it’s time for an industry refresher.

Join me, together with dynamo Julie Williams on June 10th, 2014, as we cover just that.  What you need to do to master the commercial industry in an intense hands on webinar.   There is much more to learn than one might think, no matter what your skill level.  In fact, I was pleasantly surprised on the current changes, and you might be too.  If you can’t make it live you can also purchased the recorded version.  Just contact Julie for more info.  Or if you’d like to work on this privately, I’m always available.

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