Voiceover Insider Podcast #47: Ramifications of The Voicebank.net Acquisition by Voices.com

The VoiceOver Insider Podcast has launched Episode #47. In thisVoiceOver Insider podcast, Julie Williams discusses the ramifications of the recent acquisition of VoiceBank by Voices.com. Guests include Liz Atherton, owner of TAG Talent Agency, and Dave Courvosier, president of World Voices Organization (WoVO). Voices.com declined to be interviewed.

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About Julie Williams

Julie Williams has voiced thousands of commercials and narrations, and eLearning scripts, as well as many other voice-overs. She is an active audiobook narrator, and was a 2012 Audie Finalist. Julie has also taught at such notable events as VO2013, The VoiceLympics Cruise, and multiple VOICE Conferences. She is a nationally recognized voiceover coach, and has coached hundreds of talent worldwide to reach their full potential. Julie is available for private coaching via Skype for a limited number of students.


  1. really interesting podcast Julie. thank you. helps me to think how to take my own work forward. it was also reassuring to hear Dave Courvosier say that in the end you still get your best work through your own efforts

  2. Absolutely perfect and timely. Thanks Julie, Liz, and Dave.

  3. Very informative. I have to say between this podcast, VOBS with Jeffrey Umberger and the debate with Bill DeWees and Dave Fennoy I have learned a lot. What a time to jump into the VO industry. 🙂 All the best to Liz with Cast Voices and it is wonderful to see voice talent and agents stand up for what they know is the right thing to do. Thank you, Julie. Theresa

  4. Rosslyn Picton says

    I so appreciated this podcast. I really needed to hear, clearly and in a straightforward manner, what this takeover really means for the VO community. I will give this a second listen, so I can really absorb this valuable information. Thank You Julie, Liz and Dave for your “voices” and insight.

  5. Dominik Twardowski says

    How do you find Cast Voices? I can’t seem to google it.

  6. Thanks to Julie, Liz and Dave for the great information. This has given me a lot to think over. Gotta keep thinks fluid, as you said. No one likes change (except babies), but it is inevitable.

  7. Keith Copeland says

    A very thought provoking webinar! With regard to the acquisition of Voicebank.net, “Danger Will Robinson! Danger!”

  8. Yvonne Desjardins says

    Thanks again Julie for another jam-packed info podcast.

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