Commercial Casserole with VO Chef Deb Munro

Mix one part industry trends Throw in the ever popular natural read Add just the right amount of professional Blend in with tons of different genres Combine the perfect demo with tons of varieties Then mix that all up until you’re nice and confused about what the clients really want. Welcome to the commercial casserole! […]

VO Newbie Corner: Toot Our Horn

Work breeds work. No matter the pay rate, no matter the project – talk it up! All month this issue kept coming up so I want to address it briefly here. Do you narrate for the blind? Is that narration recorded? Then you‟re an audiobook narrator. Put those titles in your cover letter when you […]

Organizing Your Business for 2014

If you’ve joined the ranks of the online voice actor, you’ve now started your own business.  No matter where you are in your career, your business needs are the same.  You’re now a company and that company can either be a well oiled machine that gets results or a disorganized mess that gets little in […]

Deb’s Voice Recipe: Taking Direction

The Director says, “Okay, great. Now can you try it with less of an announcer and a bit more realistic? But can you also push the price and be really big about the fact that it’s on sale. And just be a bit more authoritative and flat at the same time, K?” The hardest part […]