A Temporary Sound Booth Setup

I mentioned during my Mac Minute in Julie’s podcast interview with Jack de Golia that I recently put together a temporary sound booth that can be easily moved from location to location. (We sold our house, and are doing a series of house-sitting gigs while we look for a new home. The setup is pretty […]

Using Reaper for Punch and Roll

Recently the question was asked in the very informative Twisted Wave user group on Facebook how to use the Reaper software program (http://www.reaper.fm/) for producing punch-and-roll audio files. If you’re not familiar with punch-and-roll, it’s essentially a method often used in long-form reads (corporate narration or audiobooks) that lets the narrator set the cursor just […]

Pat Fraley Advanced VoiceOver Audition Techniques Webinar

Well-known voiceover actor, coach, and author Pat Fraley joins Julie Williams March 10th at 6:00p.m. (PST) for another in a series of lively webinars. This time Pat takes up the topic of advanced voiceover audition tricks and techniques. During the webinar, Pat will cover: How to get the attention of casting directors and clients in […]

Voiceover Insider Podcast#10 features L.A. Agent Wes Stevens of VOX, Inc.

The VoiceOver Insider Podcast has launched Episode #10, featuring L.A. voiceover agent Wes Stevens of VOX, Inc. Wes  and Julie Williams discuss some of the mistakes voiceover talent make when approaching agents. (Hint: leave the gimmicks at home and just send great demos.) You can listen to the episode here, or subscribe to the VoiceOver […]

The VoiceOver Insider Podcast #9: Kristine Oller and The Top Five Strategies to Jumpstart Your 2015 VO Career

The VoiceOver Insider Podcast has launched Episode #9, featuring transformational change strategist Kristine Oller. Kristine and Julie Williams discuss the five top strategies for jumpstarting your voiceover career in 2015. This discussion is for voice talents at all levels!       You can listen to the episode here, or subscribe to the VoiceOver Insider […]

The VoiceOver Insider Podcast Episode #8: Joyce Castellanos and the Promo Genre

Back after the Holidays Hiatus, the VoiceOver Insider Podcast has launched Episode #8, featuring LA promo coach and demo producer Joyce Castellanos. Joyce and Julie Williams discuss how to get into the Promo genre, and how to go about getting an excellent promo demo produced.       You can listen to the episode here, […]

The VoiceOver Insider Podcast Episode #5: Bob Souer and Inviting The Avalanche

In episode 5 of the VoiceOver Insider Podcast, Julie talks with Bob Souer about “Inviting The Avalanche,” a discussion of actually having too much voiceover work arrive at the same time, and how to handle it. (Many of us probably think that would be a nice problem to have, but it’s wise to plan for […]

Commercial Voices — A Different Approach To Online Casting

It’s no secret that online casting has changed the way voiceover talent audition for jobs, are listened to by casting directors, and are selected for projects. You may only have heard about a couple of online casting services, but there are in fact dozens of them on the Internet, some of which work in very […]

Marc Cashman and Julie Williams: The Dynamic Duo

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Hal Douglas Leaves His Voice Behind

Hal Douglas, a well-respected icon in the movie and TV voice-over for his work in trailers and commercials, passed away March 7th at the age of 89. Douglas performed hundreds of film trailers with his gravelly voice, including Philadelphia, Lethal Weapon, Forrest Gump, and Con Air. New York filmmaker Casimir Nozkowski released a nine-minute documentary […]