Voice2014 Audio Dispatches From The Red Carpet Reception: Wednesday Aug. 27th

Julie Williams is on the road at the Voice2014 Conference in Anaheim, California, August 27th to 30th. Julie and her booth assistants will be sharing quick audio interviews with speakers, panelists, and conference attendees, plus plenty of images from the conference. We’re expecting daily uploads from the conference crew, so check back often. The dispatches […]

New VO Book Review: Making Money In Your PJs

I love not only the title, but the content of Making Money in Your PJs, by Paul Strikwerda. Not that I make money in my PJs… no, I make money in my bathing suit in between dips in the pool! Either way, it is a fun life! But that doesn’t mean everyone is qualified for it. […]

Commercial Casserole with VO Chef Deb Munro

Mix one part industry trends Throw in the ever popular natural read Add just the right amount of professional Blend in with tons of different genres Combine the perfect demo with tons of varieties Then mix that all up until you’re nice and confused about what the clients really want. Welcome to the commercial casserole! […]

VO Newbie Corner: Toot Our Horn

Work breeds work. No matter the pay rate, no matter the project – talk it up! All month this issue kept coming up so I want to address it briefly here. Do you narrate for the blind? Is that narration recorded? Then you‟re an audiobook narrator. Put those titles in your cover letter when you […]

New Pat Fraley Webinar: Taking Comedy Seriously

Patrick Fraley has created a new 90-minute webinar: Taking Comedy Serioulsy, and it’s now open for registration. The webinar will run December 17th, 2013, from 6p.m. to 7:30p.m. Pacific Standard Time. To check out more about this webinar and register NOW, click here.  In this webinar, Fraley outlines eight common elements that you’ll find over […]

The Challenges of Medical Narration

Medical Narration is its own animal. It’s a VO genre that presents unique challenges, but also offers great rewards. One of the greatest rewards in Medical Narration is repeat business. Once a client finds a talent who can confidently,  and competently rise to the challenge, he usually comes back time and time again. It’s not […]

Creating The Undeniable Demo, With Pat Fraley

Patrick Fraley has created a new 90-minute webinar: The Undeniable Demo, and it’s now available as a recording for streaming or downloading to your computer. During the webinar, Pat shares examples of excellent demos, and having some of the webinar participants perform aspects of three types of demos: Commercial, Animation/Character, and Audiobook demos. To check […]

Deb’s Voice Recipe: Taking Direction

The Director says, “Okay, great. Now can you try it with less of an announcer and a bit more realistic? But can you also push the price and be really big about the fact that it’s on sale. And just be a bit more authoritative and flat at the same time, K?” The hardest part […]

The Strategy of Knowing WHO You’re Auditioning For

Even the best of actors just starting out in voiceovers will make this innocent and understandable mistake: “bigging up” the product name while reading the script. It feels like it makes sense to really emphasize the product name, right? They’re the ones paying thousands, or even millions of dollars to get their name out there. […]

VoiceOver Legal: Using Copyrighted Songs In A Demo

Q: I have been told that if I use a copyrighted song on my demo, and put the demo on my website, that it is not copyright infringement and it is perfectly okay to do because I’m not getting any money from using that song. Is this correct? A: This could not be further from […]