Promote or Perish: the SOUND ADVICE Marketing Strategy You Likely Overlooked

kate_marketingBy Kate McClanaghan,

There’s really is no point in having a demo if no one knows you have one.

And it stands to reason industry professionals are more likely to book you based on familiarity. This only comes about through repeated promotions. What marketing and PR professionals know that you might not is the simple fact that your target audience doesn’t even realize you’re attempting to communicate with them until you’ve promoted yourself at least THREE times within a reasonable period of time. Therefore your promotional postcards—yes, POSTCARDS! Creatives loath unsolicited emails even more than you do!—absolutely must be sent again and again and again just to allow you the opportunity to break out of oblivion.  Out of sight, out of mind.

You wouldn’t walk through a grocery store and purchase anything that was completely foreign to you.  We generally go with what we know.

Coca-Cola and McDonald’s are both time-tested household names for one reason: they never stop promoting. This should be your mission, too, considering any successful businessperson will tell you promotion is better than 90% of their business. You might even say promotion makes their business. The remaining 10% of the equation is your product: your performance and a demonstration of your abilities on your voice-over demo.

Assuming your product is prepared well, the remainder of your job consists of ongoing promotion. This remains the case whether you’re an established star like George Clooney or whether you are just starting out.  Both sides of this equation require continued care.

Committing to a promotional plan is critical to the success of your small business as a voice-over.  In fact, as a small business owner, you should expect to dedicate no less than three-to-five-years to establishing and furthering your brand through consistent promotion.

Yet the average talent shirks their responsibility for maintaining their business through promotion, resting their livelihood on the excuse they “don’t want to be a bother” or “isn’t this the talent agent’s job?”  Either notion will insure anonymity if not flat out oblivion. If you’re trained and your demo is exceptional (and it most certainly is if we had anything to do with it), then wonderful!  You have a Maserati for a demo, but it won’t get you anywhere if you leave it parked in the garage.  You have to drive your demo to drive your career.  It’s promote or perish. Certainly talent agents want to help, but this is honestly not their area of expertise nor is it their responsibility.  This is YOUR career and this is how you run it!

It’s worth mentioning that promoting yourself to the talent agents in order to secure representation also takes continued promotion, but is an entirely different effort and outcome than that of making yourself known to those most likely to hire you as a voice talent. While you in no way need to have representation prior to promoting yourself, it certainly helps a great deal once you’ve landed work. A seasoned talent agent will have experience with what the job is worth based on its intended usage, and legitimize the value of your work.  But pursuing representation from the talent agents is a wholly separate endeavor from your ongoing promotion, which will remain your job well after you have secured representation from a handful of talent agents in multiple regions to offer you the greatest exposure to the work.

At SOUND ADVICE (known as ACTORS’ SOUND ADVICE in Southern California) we encourage you to pursue opportunities from every region of the country. Beyond our exceptional production, you could say our exclusive marketing plan and mailing lists is our secret sauce and precisely why our clients succeed as well as they do.  Only SOUND ADVICE offers such direct access to those most likely to hire you as a voice-over.

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About Kate McClanaghan

Kate McClanaghan has cast, produced and trained literally thousands upon thousands of voiceover actors. As a seasoned casting director and producer, she has produced scores of national commercials, corporate narrations, web and new media for hundreds of national brands. And as a professional working talent and voice-over, she has maintained a thriving career for herself behind the mic as well. She established SOUND ADVICE, the most complete voice-over demo service; to fill the industry’s need for an honest, professional approach to effective, individual career coaching and demo production for every experience level.

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