Works For Me: Barbara Rosenblat Audiobook Seminar On .mp3

I recently picked up a copy of Barbara Rosenblat’s “How To Become An Audiobook Narrator,” an .mp3 seminar, distributed by Dan O’Day.

For those of you who don’t know anything about Barbara Rosenblat, she’s voiced more than 400 audiobooks, has earned eight Audie Awards, and is an accomplished actress besides.

This 2 hour 20 minute seminar is easy to listen to, and it’s loaded with great ideas about becoming a narrator for audiobooks.

The seminar is presented in Dan O’Day’s familiar question and answer format, with questions derived from a group of workshop attendees who are on the phone (and, mercifully, muted) while Dan fields their questions and shoots them to Barbara.

There are a lot of topics covered during the seminar, ranging from how does a beginner break into the field of audiobook narration to the nitty-gritty, day-to-day process of voicing an audiobook. You’ll learn about scripts, and how they’re delivered from the producer.

And Barbara offers some good tips on creating distinct voices for various characters when voicing fiction audiobooks, and how to recall those character voices when you need them.

During the seminar you’ll be taken through the all-important step of outlining a demo that is specifically for audio books, and learn to whom you should send your demos when they’re completed.

And finally, Barbara discusses that oft-asked question: how much money can one make in the audiobook field.

For those of you looking for the technical side of producing an audiobook — the mic to use, compression and other post-narration processing, room acoustics, etc. — you’re not going to find it in this seminar.

Barbara completes the clear majority of her work in established studios, and does very little work in a home studio. She makes it clear that she narrates books, and leaves it to engineers, producers, and others to handle the editing and production processes.

That said, there are a lot of gems in this seminar for the person looking to get into the field of audiobook narration. I’ve listened to the production a couple of times, and picked up an idea or two each time through the seminar.

If you’re interested in learning to do audiobook narration, this seminar should be on your shelf…er, hard drive. You can learn more about How To Become An Audiobook Narrator by clicking here.

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