Sound Advice by Dan Friedman

Book Review by Gary MacFadden

Dan Friedman has written an eminently useful book about setting up a home studio. And, as both a voiceover artist and a producer of voiceover work for going on 15 years, he’s got the bona fides.  sound_advice_drop

I met Dan at the VO2013 in Atlanta in March 2013. We talked some about his book, and then I happened to sit in on a session in a hotel room where Dan recorded another VO talent, quickly edited the results, and got the job file ready for upload. He clearly knows what he’s doing.

There are a good many books available on getting into voice-over that touch on the basics of setting up a home studio: the mic, the preamp, the mixer, DAW, etc. That’s not this book.

The book starts with looking at potential rooms you might have in your home that would make a good studio. Not just the usual “step inside your bedroom closet and let the hanging clothes handle the bouncing frequencies), but instead some good hardcore info about what works and doesn’t work for room sizes, how to control reflecting sound waves, and how to construct low-cost bass traps and where to place them.

friedmanDan spends a good deal of time on choosing and setting up the microphone, routing signal chains through preamps and mixers, and much more. It doesn’t stop there: Dan includes the most complete discussion I’ve seen of ISDN and newer technologies such as Source Connect. There are also thoughtful sections on working with others: engineers, other VO talents, and clients.

Bottom line: if you’re setting up your own home studio, you need to get Sound Advice. It’s an investment you won’t regret. It’s available through Amazon both as a paperback and as a Kindle edition.

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