14 Strategies to Make More Money in 2014


  1. Beef up your bookkeeping.
  2. Get web site(s) in order.
  3. Schedule daily or weekly times to search for prospects.
  4. Add new agents to your sales force.
  5. Network at events.
  6. Professional Development: Refining your craft through training (private coaching/webinars), buying books or resources.
  7. Develop a mission statement that defines you and your business.
  8. Take the time to plan your year with:
    1. An annual goal.
    2. Quarterly goals.
    3. Monthly goals with steps towards the quarterly goals.
    4. Weekly goals with steps towards monthly goals.
    5. Daily goals to achieve the weekly progress needed.
    6. Plan for each week (Sun nite or Mon am).
    7. Write all of the above plan on calendars—even monthly so when you get to that month you can look and see what your focus needs to be…
  9. Don’t get sidetracked with perfectionism or legalism. Goals should be fluid and flexible. You will not make every short term goal, and you’ll likely modify the goals throughout the year. That’s OK. When you’re driving, and you encounter traffic or decide to slow down and see the sites, perhaps you stop for a short while to do something else. Same with goals…it’s okay to take a different route along your journey.
  10. Don’t scatter your focus with too many irons in the fire.
  11. Get on P2P sites and strategize how to get the most out of them (We’ve got an incredible webinar on January 7th designed to equip you to do just that; visit www.voice-overwebinars.com for more info).
  12. Put on your calendar to check the VoiceOver Insider site at least weekly to see what valuable information has been posted there for you by seasoned coaches and other successful talent, agents, and casting professional. Be sure to glance through our emails for important gems you may have missed.
  13. Focus on Income Producing Activities.
  14. Talk to a CPA now to find out what kinds of deductions you can plan for—the ones that are specific to the your voiceover career. Start keeping those records now and throughout the year to minimize headaches later, and to ensure you can maximize deductions later by always having the supporting documents. This directly impacts your bottom line.


About Julie Williams

Julie Williams has voiced thousands of commercials and narrations, and eLearning scripts, as well as many other voice-overs. She is an active audiobook narrator, and was a 2012 Audie Finalist. Julie has also taught at such notable events as VO2013, The VoiceLympics Cruise, and multiple VOICE Conferences. She is a nationally recognized voiceover coach, and has coached hundreds of talent worldwide to reach their full potential. Julie is available for private coaching via Skype for a limited number of students.


  1. Steve Latham says

    Enjoying membership,articles and webnars.Thank You STEVE

  2. Julie, This is great! I especially like number 8, and all it’s parts. That alone will help me a lot. Thanks! Jill

  3. Wonderful step by step wisdom for success in any endeavor in life. Thank you Julie! Great “Kick-it-into gear” advice!

  4. I’m so glad you guys are getting a lot out of this… These are just a few of the things I routinely do! I’ll be teaching this and more in a webinar Feb 4th. Watch your email for info…cos I’ll also have a workbook prepared for you guys to guide you through strategic planning!!

  5. Sounds great, Julie! I’ll be signing up for that!
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience with us.

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