New Pat Fraley Webinar: Taking Comedy Seriously

FraleyLaughingPatrick Fraley has created a new 90-minute webinar: Taking Comedy Serioulsy, and it’s now open for registration. The webinar will run December 17th, 2013, from 6p.m. to 7:30p.m. Pacific Standard Time.

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In this webinar, Fraley outlines eight common elements that you’ll find over and over in comedy and humor. “Using your acting and storytelling skills, you can realize potential comedic possibilities in your own work,” he says.

Pat disagrees with those who say that comedy is the single performance skill that can’t be taught, but he also admits that it’s taken him some time to pull his thoughts and techniques on comedy into this webinar and the 20-page workbook that accompanies it.

“I was afraid I’d come up with some kind of meaningless list of “Komedy’s Do’s ‘n Don’ts,” said Fraley. And he’s done just that in a new webinar and workbook combination titled “Taking Comedy Seriously.”

If you can’t make the webinar date, no worries. Everyone who signs up for the webinar receives an audio-video recording that can be streamed or downloaded, PLUS an .mp3 audio-only recording ready for your favorite .mp3 player. Take it to the gym, on your next commute, or wherever you want to learn more about comedy.

Pat Fraley has been performing and teaching comedy and voice over performance technique for 40 years. He is among the top ten performers of all time for being cast in TV animation. Recently, Pat supplied voices for Warner Brother’s The Lego Movie, due out in 2014.

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