Creating The Undeniable Demo, With Pat Fraley

Pat&mic2Patrick Fraley has created a new 90-minute webinar: The Undeniable Demo, and it’s now available as a recording for streaming or downloading to your computer. During the webinar, Pat shares examples of excellent demos, and having some of the webinar participants perform aspects of three types of demos: Commercial, Animation/Character, and Audiobook demos.

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Each webinar purchaser immediately receives a 30-page workbook, Creating The Undeniable Demo. “I was compelled to put together the materials in this workbook because in my 40 years of working as a voice over performer and teacher, I have rarely heard excellent demos,” Pat said. “I’ve spent two years contacting the top agents, advertising creative directors, writers, producers and publishers, and the clear message I received is that they are not getting what what want, but rather ‘Boring and Ineffective’ demos.”

“The sad part is that most demos are poor because of the copy and production, and not the skill set of the performer,” Pat adds. “I must say that many demos miss the mark because the performer’s ‘personal style’ or ‘brand’ is not clearly presented.”

If you’re working on a demo, or it’s time to update an existing demo, you’ll want to check out Creating The Undeniable Demo today!

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Gary MacFadden is a voiceover professional specializing in audiobooks, eLearning, and narration. He became the editor of the print and online versions of the VoiceOver Insider in 2011, putting his journalism and business management experience to good use. For 25 years he was the spokesperson and Executive Director for the Adventure Cycling Association, America's largest recreational cycling organization with more than 40,000 members. When he's not in the vocal booth, Gary enjoys piloting his classic Cessna Skylark around the northwestern states.

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