Pat Fraley Advanced VoiceOver Audition Techniques Webinar

Pat_Fraley_laugh2Well-known voiceover actor, coach, and author Pat Fraley joins Julie Williams March 10th at 6:00p.m. (PST) for another in a series of lively webinars. This time Pat takes up the topic of advanced voiceover audition tricks and techniques. During the webinar, Pat will cover:

  • How to get the attention of casting directors and clients in seconds
  • How to use critical self-direction techniques
  • How to out-think the competition
  • How to divine the all-mighty casting description

Pat Fraley is one of the best and known and respected voice-over people in North America, with more than four decades of performing and teaching. Join him on this 90-minute webinar to learn techniques that will change the way you create your voiceover auditions.

Plus, all webinar registrants will receive a downloadable webinar workbook on audition techniques, plus links to both video and audio-only recordings (.mp4 and .mp3) of the webinar that can be streamed or downloaded to their computers.

Don’t miss this webinar, Tuesday, March 10th at 6p.m. PST. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!

About Gary MacFadden

Gary MacFadden is a voiceover professional specializing in audiobooks, eLearning, and narration. He became the editor of the print and online versions of the VoiceOver Insider in 2011, putting his journalism and business management experience to good use. For 25 years he was the spokesperson and Executive Director for the Adventure Cycling Association, America's largest recreational cycling organization with more than 40,000 members. When he's not in the vocal booth, Gary enjoys piloting his classic Cessna Skylark around the northwestern states.


  1. I have worked with Pat Fraley and really appreciate his coaching. I’m confident auditioning now but always looking for a way to stand out.

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