The VoiceOver Insider Podcast Episode #5: Bob Souer and Inviting The Avalanche

BobSouer_Photo_av_sm_400x400In episode 5 of the VoiceOver Insider Podcast, Julie talks with Bob Souer about “Inviting The Avalanche,” a discussion of actually having too much voiceover work arrive at the same time, and how to handle it. (Many of us probably think that would be a nice problem to have, but it’s wise to plan for it just the same.)

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Gary MacFadden is a voiceover professional specializing in audiobooks, eLearning, and narration. He became the editor of the print and online versions of the VoiceOver Insider in 2011, putting his journalism and business management experience to good use. For 25 years he was the spokesperson and Executive Director for the Adventure Cycling Association, America's largest recreational cycling organization with more than 40,000 members. When he's not in the vocal booth, Gary enjoys piloting his classic Cessna Skylark around the northwestern states.

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