Kaotica Eyeball Mobile Studio Contest Winner Announced

And the winner of the Kaotica Eyeball is..


Moe (of Moe Rock VO) wrote: “Oh how happy I was to see your contest!!  I LOVE to travel… but I am always uneasy about my sound.”

Moe described herself as the CHAMPION of ‘pillow forts.’  “I recently went on a two-week trip to Seattle and Alaska, and made pillow fort studios in my mother’s car, in a linen closet, and in a tiny bathroom in a mobile home!”  moe_rock

We’ve included a picture of Moe’s pillow fort in the bathroom; the orange pillow in the center is actually a dog’s toy. (The dog was no doubt overjoyed to have the precious possession returned following the recording session).

“Please please PLEASE consider me,” Moe wrote. “My next pillow fort could be in a tree house!  Or a boat… or a cave…”

Moe, we can all relate. I hope you enjoy your new Kaotica Eyeball, so that if your next gig IS in a treehouse…we’ll never be able to hear that in your recording!

We had a number of very worthy submissions of people recording in mobile situations, and we want to give nods to a couple of those entries:

1st Runner up was L.J. Roth:  Normally we applaud children on the toilet only when they’re being potty trained.  But L.J. Roth was thinking “out of the box” you could say, by recording with a tablet while seated “on the can” while away from the home studio. ruth_can1

2nd Runner up was James Phillips: James went the extra mile reporting on a big boat race in Barcelona. Not only did he record the play by play from his car, but he submitted the final recording. We were very impressed.James_Phillips_rolling_studio

We wish you all well in your recordings at home and on the road! And we want to thank Kaotica for donating this $200 Kaotica Eyeball to the VoiceOver Insider to give away as our prize. The Kaotica Eyeball is designed to turn any space into a recording space, by acoustically isolating  the area immediately around the microphone from the external environment.

Here’s a .pdf about the Kaotica_Eyeball, or you can visit http://kaoticaeyeball.com/

Neumann U87 Kaotica Eyeball Popfilter

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